Very tired this morning

Went out to the bar last night to meet a few friends. We hadn't been in a while, and it seems to get worse every time we go. Well, music-wise, anyway. There was a full hour at least of hip-hoppy urban crap when we first got there. It did get a little better later (not sure if our friend talking to the DJ actually made a difference), but even the better music was ANCIENT!

At least a few fun people showed up later, and the evening turned out pretty good. I only got about three and a half hours of sleep though. Might need a nap later...

The weather is sucking, as usual, so no working in the yard for me. Maybe I will still go buy some plants this weekend though; maybe the nursery won't be quite as busy.

I'll probably hold off on the gym until tomorrow though... I think I'll be too tired today.
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Back from the netherworld

Just returned from our weekend visiting my parents and various other relatives, and I just thought I'd let everyone know, in case they are curious, that the entrance to Hades is just north of Kuroki, SK

(yes, I know the name doesn't appear on the map, but trust me, that's where it is)
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Now I know what to use my Sony points on!

...and apparently it blows the doors of the Xbox 360. And why am I not surprised that both the PS3 and the Nintendo Revolution look 10 times cooler than the new Xbox 360? of course, Microsoft will have about a six month headstart on them, so I guess that counts for something. Not much, but something...

The high definition capabilities of the PS3 have me very excited. Perhaps I should figure out an entrance fee for people to come over and play on our 5' television....

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Ahhhhh... the good old days


I was going through some old picture and thinking about when I had my own store in Osborne Village... you never know how good you've got it until it is passed...

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